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Welcome to Legacy Balance

In 2005, after recognising that travellers and hotel guests craved the opportunity to continue their health and fitness routines while out of town. After realising the gap in the market, four private and highly exclusive gyms were designed and are located at Legacy’s 5 star property on the illustrious Nelson Mandela Square. These luxurious gym’s allowed for a limited number of memberships, mostly acquired by those seeking a sense of exclusivity in a training and fitness facility.

Luxury Spa in Sandton

This innovative concept quickly became a success and Legacy Balance soon discovered that there was another gap in the market, that of rejuvenation, relaxation and serenity. Legacy Balance acknowledges the healing properties that come with therapeutic massage treatment and the power of touch. In 2010, after noticing the need for a sanctuary, hidden within the walls of the urban jungle, Legacy Balance opened their first Spa. Situated in the DaVinci Hotel on Nelson Mandela square, this Spa gives travellers and those seeking tranquillity, a chance to discover a more serene world tucked away in the bustling city of Johannesburg. Legacy Balance has flourished and has gone onto owning, consulting and running a myriad of Spas and gyms in South Africa. Our exclusive Spa and massage therapies have become the most sought after treatments in South Africa.

  • Spa Management and Spa Recruitment
  • Legacy Balance functions as a Spa management company and offers respected, professional and comprehensive advice to those seeking to expand or grow their Spas. With their unparalleled experience in the industry, Legacy Balance is able to assist Spa businesses and owners in creating a successful and ever flourishing business initiative. Legacy Balance is focused on the managing and acquiring of Spa’s and fitness centres. It is Legacy’s innovation and expertise that have made them the premier Spa management and gym management company is South Africa.

    What makes Legacy Balance the go-to company for Spa innovation is their real understanding of the business. They are aware of how Spa therapies and services have the power to heal the body and the mind. They offer a unique and highly exclusive consulting service and are able to develop and lend their expertise to Spas throughout the globe. Legacy Balance is able to assist Spas by providing staff for Spa management staff and all elements of Spa recruitment. With Legacy Balance, you can be sure that your business will flourish immensely. The Legacy Balance team will exceed all your expectations and help in making your Spa dream an awe-inspiring reality.

    The Services that Legacy Balance offer, include:

    Legacy Balance Spa Management Services
    Luxury spa Gym Management Services
    Luxury spa Spa Staff Recruitment
    Luxury spa Gym Staff Recruitment
    Luxury spas Spa Consultation Services
    Luxury spas Gym Consultation Services
    Luxury spas Spa Procurement

Luxury Spa in Sandton Luxury Spa in Sandton