Our Luxury Spas


DaVinci Spa

Situated amongst the bussle of Johannesburg’s Sandton Square,
retire and relax in tranquility, with the best Luxury Spas.

Corner Maude and 5th Street,
Sandton, Johannesburg,
Gauteng, South Africa

Kwamaritane Spa

Capture the spirit of Africa at Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge,
where Mother Nature and guests meet in perfect harmony.

Pilanesberg National Park,
Rustenburg, South Africa


Wheatbaker Spa

Restore mind, body and spirit and indulge in high quality
body and facial therapy treatments performed by our dedicated
and highly trained Therapists.

4 Onitolo Road (Lawrence Road) Ikoyi,
Lagos, Nigeria

Labadi Beach Spa

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in the magnificent
Labadi Beach Spa. Offering guests a sanctuary for the senses,
a place for physical and mental renewal.

Number 1 La Bypass,
Accra, Ghana


Bakubung Spa
Relax and harmonise at the exclusive Bakubung Spa
within the rich expanses of the Pilanesberg National Park.

Pilanesberg National Park,
Rustenburg, South Africa